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load a texture on a object of a viewpoint

I'm having troubles trying to resolve how i can put a texture of a scene/viewpoint into a object?

For example in this code i want to show in a painting what is happening in scene 2.

And in scene 2 i load artoolkit, but i can only show the video and not the scene 2 or the subwindow of the scene 2 or the viewpoint that is on the scene 2.

Help if someone know how to resolve this.

import viz


subWindow = viz.addWindow()
subView = viz.addView()
#subWindow.visible(0) #doesn't show the subwindow

#Add ARToolkit extension
ar = viz.add('artoolkit.dle')
video = viz.add('VideoCamera.dle')
cam = video.addWebcam()

#Create camera using first available webcam
camera = ar.addCamera(texture=cam,param=None,flipVertical=False,thresh=None,globalScale=None,window=subWindow)

#Create marker from pattern file
marker = camera.addMatrixMarker(3,width=1000)

#Add logo model
logo = viz.add("logo.ive",viz.WORLD, 2)

#Link logo model to marker sensor,logo)

galeria = viz.add("gallery.ive")
pintura = galeria.getChild("Dali")
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