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Decreasing PPT Jitter

At the moment, there is degree of jitter in our PPT light that is being tracked by an 8 camera system. The light is clearly being seen by all 8 cameras (thanks to the Camera Visualization Plugin) and all cameras are successfully calibrated to the right levels. I'm familiar with the Filter post-process plugin through PPT Studio, and here are the settings I used to eliminate the jitter:

OriRate: 5%
PosCutoff: 1000mm
OriCutoff: 90deg

However, by implementing these values in the Filter it creates a 1-second lag time in Vizard where after the light moves and the rendered world takes a moment to catch up (disorientating). Any ideas on how to decrease jitter but keep lag at a minimum? Our tracking code in all programs is the standard:

import viztracker

Is there a way to implement a filter on the client side through the to decrease lag?

Thanks for the help.

Cody Karutz
Stanford VHIL Lab
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