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Best Way to set up wii cursors across 2 windows

Hello again,

I have been looking through the help file again and before I go and completely do this wrong I figured I'd ask you and see what your advice would be.

I want to create a similar setup to the wiimote demo you provide in vizard, however I have split the screen into 2 windows, a top and bottom ( think split screen mode in games). I want the wiimote1 to pertain to the top and wiimote2 cursor on the bottom window. Right now, using the old code produces two cursors in both windows by writing directly to the screen.

Do I have to set up two separate scenes to make this work? Or is there a better way?

By setting up two scenes, do I have to manually change each characters coordinates across both, since from what I read in the help file about it one scene is independent from the other in terms of future changes.

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