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Not sure if Im understanding how these def really works. Im trying to calculate speed. When that speed is between 3 and 5 I want it to kick in the animation. This animation is a looping animation. Kind of like the above post from yesterday about the sun. Anyways, when I run this it kicks off the animation when it shouldn't because the speed should be 0. Then it only runs once. I was thinking that since CalculateSpeed always stays runnning that it would keep checking the speed between 3 and 5. If that was true it would kick it into the showFlower() and run once. SO I need help, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

One more thing. I want it to create a new image everytime its speed is between 3 and 5 and then removes that image after 3.5 seconds.


def CalculateSpeed(obj):
	#Get current and last position
	current_pos = obj.getPosition()
	last_pos = getattr(obj, 'last_pos', None)

	if last_pos is None:
		#This is first call, so save position and set speed to 0
		obj.last_pos = current_pos
		obj.speed = 0.0
		#Compute speed using last position
		obj.speed = vizmat.Distance(current_pos,last_pos) / viz.elapsed()
		obj.last_pos = current_pos
		if obj.speed > 3 and obj.speed < 5:


def showFlower():
	flower = viz.add('flower_02.wrl')  #creates new flower
	yield viztask.waitTime( 3.5 )  #waits 3.5 seconds
	flower.remove()  #then removes flower
viztask.schedule( showFlower() )
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