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Originally Posted by farshizzo View Post
Sorry for the delay, we've been waiting to receive a simulator from Vicon. I believe the problem is that you are trying to retrieve marker data, where as the vicon plugin only outputs body data. I was able to simulate 17 bodies and connect to all of them through the Vizard plugin.

Now that we have a simulator for testing, we will be rewriting the Vicon plugin to support both marker and body data. This will be available in the next release.
Thanks a lot, this has been helpful for tracking the markers. We are, however, having a problem tracking bodies still. The vicon.getBodyList() works correctly, however when I try to use the vicon.getBody(val) function, I receive the error "_ViconExtension object has no attribute getBody". This occurs with the sample program in the help file, shown below. The IP address was changed to the correct one.

vicon = viz.add('vicon.dle',0,'')
body = vicon.getBody(0)
marker = vicon.getMarker(0)

print body.getName()
print marker.getName()
Since the bodies are accessible from the getBodyList() function I tried linking a box to the body, but it didn't work either. Any suggestions?
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