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Hi Rajnish,

Skinned FBX avatars are not currently supported in Vizard, but this is something we're interested in adding in a later release. General full-file animation based off move/scale/rotation should work correctly and be controllable through code.

All internal projects at WorldViz (custom dev work + demo scenes) are created almost exclusively though OSGB and Cal3D, so the amount of support we can give to FBX-specific questions is comparatively limited. OSG and CAL3D also give greater control over individual node animations than FBX.

> 1) I am not clear about the node to pass which have animation?

I'm also unable to find any clear answer on whether there is currently a way to enable animation on just one specific subnode in an FBX file. Since our support for FBX animation is currently limited, it's entirely possible that node specific control is not implemented for FBX at this time.

As a workaround, you could:
A. Export that each node that needs individual animation as a separate FBX and re-link it through code.

B. If you find a way to get the FBX exporter to recognize each animation as an individual track this may allow individual control as well, but I'm not sure how you'd go about doing that. As far as I know Max has no way to set that up.

C. If only one animation needs to play at a time, you could also split them up by putting each on unique animation frames. E.g. 1st animation frame 0-15, second on frame 20-30, etc.

> 2) Whether the node is from the ANIMATION section or from SCENE GRAPH Section?
The format is male2.setAnimationState(viz.PLAY, node='Heat_Anim_FullBody.FBX::Take 001'), where Take 001 is taken from the animation list.

> 3) Which is the correct node i have to pass inside "model.setAnimationState(viz.PLAY,node='model. fbx: :Take 001')" in the place of "Take 001"?

Animation for FBX is only partially supported, so only animating specific subnodes may not be possible with FBX at this time.

> 4) After exporting models from both 3Ds Max and Maya,why there is [empty] node with no name is viewed in INSPECTOR.
> 5) Do i have to write ?

See previous post for 4 and 5.

> 6)When i select the NAMES from the animation from inspector,that is when i select "0 - [none]",no animation is played in inspector and when i select "1 - Take 001",the animations is played,i dont knw why such behaviour.

"0 - [none]" is empty animation that allows the current animation to be set to "no animation" when an actual animation is no longer needed.
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