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Hi Jeff,requesting you to pls reply to my last post.
Thank you!!

Hi Jeff,
I have achieved the grabbing and highlighting logic in the program.The problem was due to,i forgot to write the onGrab(e) and onRealease(e),but after this correction and using tool.setItems(shapes) for both(Grabber & Highlighter),it get working but have some issues.

I have some problems & question,request u to pls assist me:
1)I have use same input (as mouse or keyboard or joystick) with different input signals for both the tools and i have used highlight mode grabber is 'outline' and the highlight mode for higlighter is 'box' both works and but when i keep the highlight mode for both the tools as 'same' highlighter works but grabber fails to grab that object.

2)Sometimes when i move in the scene ,some objects gets grabbed and during the movement whne i again try to grab the same object the object doesnt gets grabbed.
Why such behaviour does Vizard performs?

3)Does grabber highlight mode and highlighter mode affects the grab and highlight operation in both the ways?

4)Does taking multiple tools affects the tools taken into vizconnect?

5)Last but not the least,how to activate a tool and deactivate a tool if more than 2 or multiple tools ,such that we can use only one at a time and vice versa.
Waiting for ur reply jeff.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Xenium Digital Pvt ltd,Mumbai
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