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Smile Regarding ART Smart Track Camera+Vizard Orientation Issue

Hi Jeff,
I have a single wall of 5 Feets x 4 Feets,I have my smartrack mounted in between exactly top of the wall.
i have configured my smartrack and Vizard,and is correctly tracking and the vrpn server is sending data to vizard Vizconnect gui.

I have a target attached on my active 3D Glass(Head Tracker) and one target attached to the game controller(Hand Tracker) and they are calliberated and is sending data to VRPN via DTrack2 Software(like our PPT for world viz camera.)

Situation(Head Tracker & HandTracker attached):

1)i have restricted Roll to get 5DOF thru vizard progrmitically.

2)Rotation about X(Yaw) is proper and correct
- when i look up,the orientation is proper and correct and i can see the views more.
-when i look down,the orientation is proper and correct and i can see the views more

The problem is here.
3)Rotation about Y(Pitch) has a problem
-When i move the head tracker (pitch wise)from left to right the orientation is opposite(and giving orientation which was supposed to be for right to left).
-And vice versa for right to left (pitch wise)the orientation is also opposite.

Pls assist me jeff,how can how can i make the orientation about pitch wise correctly through Vizard Code or Vizconnect settings?
Waiting for your reply.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
VR Developer
Xenium Digital Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai
(Customer of World Viz)
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