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Question Regarding 3D Depth(immersive) issue with the IPD value during rendering at runtime.

Hi Jeff,
I m preparing a demo in which i m facing 3D depth(immersive) issue.

Reference for stereo:

I have used the code in my script :
#-------------Code for setting 3D stereo setup start(i have used only IPD)----
bc= vizconfig.BasicConfigurable('3DViewSetter')
bc.addChoiceRadioItem('3D Format',[('Quad buffer',viz.QUAD_BUFFER)],\
bc.addFloatRangeItem('Inter-pulilary Distance',[-.5,.5],fset=viz.MainWindow.ipd,fget=viz.MainWindow.getIP D)

#----------------------code for 3D setup stereo end----------------------------

But worldviz has alsomentioned:
- the interpupilary distance in meters (default is 0.06 meters).
it takes ipd as 0.06. in the config window when i run the program and we get the 3D depth .
And after that we can change the ipd from config window,if 3D changes.

The issue is when i navigate in room,sometimes the same IPD value 0.06(default),the 3D goes in between,and again i have to change the IPD to get the same depth.

Whats the difference between: viz.ipd(0.06) and viz.MainWindow.ipd(0.06),i m confused on this.

Is it compulsary to use the other values such as ,fusion distance,screen distance,fov in combination with IPD.

Which IPD should use- viz.ipd or viz.MainWindow.IPD to get the 3D Depth.

Thanx & Regards

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma

Software Developer
Xenium Digital Private Limited,Mumbai(Customer of World Viz)
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