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Regarding ART Smart Track Camera+Vizard Integration

Hi Shivanangel,
I need your help on
ART's Smart Track Camera+Vizard:-
I have few questions which i have came across
Pls help:

1)What is the actual setup of the
ART SmartTrack+Vizard+DTrack2+ART Controller.?
2)Where will be all the softwares(Vizard and DTrack2) will be installed(System wise).?
3)I have installed DTRack2 v2.12.0,is there is any need for licensing and all functionalities like settings,calliberation,etc are not activated on Dtrack2?
4)What is ART Controller? and where it need to be installed?
5)Whats the connection topology(LAN) or system connections with different PC's?
6)I m confused with DTrack2 and ARTController,Whats the difference?
7)Where should vizard ,where shoul be Dtrack,where shoul be ARTController(if needed),Where and how should be the SMART Track camera be connected(Locally on vizard or on different system via LAN)?
8)How to add and integrate a
(3d glass as head Tracker of ART )&
(a Joystick of Logitech as a HandTrcker(not achieved) and as a input (i have achieved) of ART)?
I have vrpn running on my vizard machine.
What i need and what i want to achieve?
-I need a demo working with ART integrated camera for
Head Tracker(of ART) & Hand Tracker(Of ART).
I know we have to use index in the DTrack,but how to add and where to add in Dtrack2?
Request you to pls assist me for the above problems.
Pls reply back with your answers and waiting for your reply.

I have also attached the vizconnect for ur reference.

Regards :
Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
VR Developer at Xenium Digital Pvt. Ltd,Mumbai,India
If u fell do pls mail me on the my mail id
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