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Well, at this point I'm probably doing something incredibly basic and wrong.
Removed all firewalls.
I have the software running and I ran a utility that allows me to receive the output (first image attached).

I've tried searching online and reading though the documentation, lots of mentions about DTrack and ART and VRPN but no direct explanation of having the two interact... and unfortunately much like Lady Gaga, I don't speak German.

Is there some form of middlewear I am missing to have this application output the data to VRPN format? I am running everything off a different computer this time (switched to Windows 7 from 8.1)

I have a statically locked IP on the connection to the system,

I know this isn't your system, so it is unfair to ask more but you tend to be more 'in the know' than most when it comes to these issues.

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