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Originally Posted by shivanangel View Post
Also, you mention that you support FBX, but don't recommend using it in any of your content creation tools. Is there a reason for this? Is collada 'more supported' than FBX?
OpenSceneGraph is Vizard's native format, so using it is always going to be advantageous over a general format like FBX or Collada. We develop the Max plugin for OSG, so we can fix bugs and add support for new features as necessary. I'd actually recommend FBX over Collada. When I've compared models in both formats, Collada often has a much messier scene hierarchy.

Using FBX is possible, but it's along the same lines as working on a project in Microsoft Word, but saving the document as a .txt or .rtf. It'll store most of the important stuff, but won't be able to handle program-specific features.
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