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Wow, most of your problems will be solved by the next major release, which should come out around August.
The current version of Vizard does not allow you to add objects during a callback. The next major release will allow this. Also, the next release will be able to load VRML 1.0 files too. Currently you can't remove an object from memory, but you can make it invisible as you already did. We are hoping to have this feature by the next release also.

There is no way to stop a callback. You can set a flag within your script and just ignore incoming events. However, we might consider adding this to the next release since it would not be too difficult to implement.

Theoretically you should be able to use Tk with Vizard as long as the Tk library is installed somewhere in the python path. Try installing the library in [VIZARD_PATH]/bin/DLLs where VIZARD_PATH is the location Vizard is installed.

Please let me know if you have anymore problems,

-- Farshid
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