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Hi Jeff,
Thanx for ur reply.

The origin parameters and the display you are referring is different from my display which i have taken into my vizconnect.

The display which i have taken is "Powerwall Co-Ordinates" which does not have such parameters as mentioned by u like-(image width, height, and rise and origin left and right settings),instead it has upper right,upperleft,lower right and lower left.

And the orientaion i m getting with the"Powerwall Co-Ordinates" as a display is fine and nice,but the problem which i am facing with "Powerwall Co-Ordinates" as a display in vizconnect:

My Problem & Issue is here:
-When i move more thatn 1.5 feets to 2 feets or more forward(towards the wall),my content get smaller and smaller and also sometimes it goes off(stretched and becomes small) and also not proper content is seen.

-The problem is with i moving forward towards the wall and content goes off(stretched and wiered projection is seen).

Is it required to take "Powerwall" as a display instead of "Powerwall Co-Ordinates"and change the parameters mentioned in ur last reply to me like-image width, height, and rise and origin left and right settings in the vizconnect.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Xenium Digital Pvt ltd,Mumbai
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