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Hi Jeff,
Thanx for ur last help.
1)I got my ARTSmarttrack working with vizard.
2)Proper orientation is achieved through ARTSmarttrack for both the trackers,Head&Hand.
3)I have my powerwall(only front wall) and have a ARTSmartTrack mounted above the wall.
4)When i m standing,4 feets away from the wall,the orientaion is proper for both the trackers and when i move 1 feet or so, forward then also the orientaion seems to be proper.

My Problem is here:

1When i move more thatn 1.5 feets to 2 feets or more forward(towards the wall),my content get smaller and smaller and also sometimes it goes off(stretched and becomes small) and also not proper content is seen.

The problem is with i moving forward towards the wall and content goes off(stretched and wiered projection is seen).

Jeff request you to pls suggest a fesable solution,or is there any code or trick in vizconnect or in vizard to get the solution for the above problem to be solved,so that the content does not goes off but a proper content is seen with orientation to some extent when moving forward.

Pls assist me jeff.
Waiting for ur reply.

Mr.Rajnish Vishwakarma
Xenium Digital Pvt ltd,Mumbai
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