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The problem is the position of the navigation node keeps going after the viewpoint stops from a collision. When you try to back away from a collision object it takes awhile for the navigation node to catch up to the viewpoint.

A solution for this is to use a view_collision module written for use with vizconnect. This checks for collisions against an avatar object and then goes back up the chain to modify any transport node that's driving it. To be clear, no avatar needs to be rendered, that's just what vizconnect uses to group the head tracker and any hand trackers. I've attached an example that includes the view_collision module, the main script that adds a maze and collisions, and desktop vizconnect configuration files. If you create your own vizconnect config file with PPT+Oculus and load that with the maze script it should work with collisions. The setup for the collision detection is in

ac = view_collision.AvatarCollision(collideTrackers=True) 
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