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Hi Hengshan,

Regarding baked textures not showing up in Vizard, make sure the map is being output to the diffuse of a Standard material. For additonal information, refer to this knowledge base article:

I also took a look at your file. You have a scale issue. All models in Max are stored in generic units, unrelated to any real-world scale. The "System Unit Scale" setting tells Max how to translate its internal units to real world sizes. This is why changing the system unit does not acutally rescale anything.

Create a box, and type in the values to make it 1 meter high, and you will see the problem.

To fix the scene, use the Rescale World Units utility. It will ask for a scale factor. This depends on what the System Unit Scale was originally set to. The simplest way to get the correct scale factor is to use Google. Searching for "inches to meters" will give the result "1 inches = 0.0254 meters", for example.

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