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Question PROBLEM: Picture-in-Picture breaks textures?!?

I am implementing a picture-in-picture view where the main view is what the user sees and a small windown in the corner shows an outside view of the user's avatar. The apprearence of the outside window is triggered by a keyboard callback like so:

def mykeyboard(button):
  global cheat, PinP # initialized as PinP = viz.add(viz.WINDOW)
  if button is ' ':       #space on keyboard toggles PinP window
    if cheat == 0:
      cheat = 1
      cheat = 0
The script runs without a problem (the PinP window is invisible at the beginning) undil the spacebar is pressed when all the textures go crazy (smearing, no detail, rectangular surfaces break in to two triangular polys), but textures on avatar faces remain normal!

is there somehting like a viz.REDRAW command, or some other way to solve this problem?

Note: after the textures are broken, toggling the extra window ON and OFF does not fix the texture problem.
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