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To get the root of each individual vizard node, you will need to create an osg::NodeVisitor that traverses the scenegraph and checks the user data of each node. Here is some sample code that will do this:
class VizNodeData : public osg::Referenced
	VizNodeData(int id) : m_id(id) {}
	int getID() const { return m_id; }
	int m_id;

class VizardNodeVisitor : public osg::NodeVisitor
public :
	VizardNodeVisitor() : osg::NodeVisitor( TRAVERSE_ALL_CHILDREN ) {}

	virtual void apply( osg::Node &node )
		VizNodeData *data = dynamic_cast<VizNodeData*>(node.getUserData());
		if(data) {
			//This is the root of a Vizard node with ID: data->getID()
Then in your SceneModifier function you will need to apply this node visitor to the scene root:
VizardNodeVisitor vnv;
Let me know if you need anymore help.
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