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Properly aligning the intersense with the PPT Systems Z Axis

This may seem like a basic question, but it is one giving me
a ton of issues.

We are using an 3DOF Intersense 3 Wireless for our rotation information
inside of a CAVE with the PPT tracking system.

We have attached the intersense to the side of a pair of active
stereo glasses along with an LEF to track the users head.

Recently, we were running into connection issues with the intersense,
even sent it back to the manufacturer and they gave it a perfect bill
of health and sent it back to us.

We updated the DLLs based on the new ones provided on Intersenses
website, which helped to fix a small drifting problem.

I am almost done getting things to work, the last little bit of a pain
is getting the Intersense to align properly with the CAVE's XYZ system.

I openned up the documentation and unfortunately the Intersense folks
only show the XYZ of the intersense cube for their wired version and not
the wireless, which has a bit of a different design.

I've tried randomly figuring it out by applying different rotations, using
the Intersense filter in PPT and I either end up with axes flipped or when
I start moving the intersense tracker it will jump from proper calibration
to some off-angle version and when I try to realign the axes by manual
rotation of the object I get offsets.

Just really wondering if you know what direction is Z + and X + so that
I can reset the intersense cube to follow those directions as well.

If need be I can get pictures showing it.

George Lecakes
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