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UPDATE 3: I was able to set up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) using the default Bluetooth network connection feature. After a few glitches along the way (i.e., Windows Firewall, Windows File sharing and Network Visibility, Windows Workgroups, etc.) I was able to get the PPT data to stream quite well.

Details for other interested parties...
- PPT set to broadcast via VRPN
- Both computers in same Workgroup
- Both computers with shared resources (e.g., a share folder / printer) to make them visible to each other on the network
- Windows Firewall OFF
- It helps to have both computers running the same user name and password to facilitate Windows sharing permissions
- Bluetooth connection in "network connection" mode

P.S. - Shutting down the firewall fixed my original Wi-Fi problem. How it got re-enabled over the Summer, I'll never know. At least it led to a good excercise in Bluetoothing PPT data.
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