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noob questions: scene lighting, viewpoint updates

Dear Worldviz,

So I've managed to work with the _SECURE_SCL issue I talked about in the other thread, things are working well now - interface development was pretty easy! Overall, I'm very happy with the speed with which I could develop using Vizard (note: this is my first time touching it). Thanks for the great work, it is indeed obvious you guys work with your own product all the time!

Two noob questions:
1) from my openGL code, I am drawing spheres using gluSphere. The colors don't come out right, they seem to be too dim (while the colors of, for instance, a GL_POINT vertex is fine). I have already put viz.MainView.getHeadLight().disable()
in my script, but this does not seem to fix the issue. Is there any other lighting / color processing turned on by default that I should look at?

2) In my code, I'll need to compute the instantaneous velocity (either delta (X,Y,Z) or a velocity vector expressed in spherical coorinates (azimuth,elevation,speed) would be fine) and rotation rate (yaw only for now). Are there some built-in functions for this or should I simply save the previous position and orientation and compute these myself?

Thank you for the pointers!
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