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Hi there Brandyn,

We install a trial version of Vizard onto our PPT machines so that you have the ability to try it out, but it is definitely not needed to run PPT in any way.

PPT exports its data in a variety of ways, such as a serial cable, VRPN over Ethernet, and shared memory. Using the serial cable, you have a separate machine running Vizard which reads the data in and then makes it available to the Vizard application. Using VRPN, any application can read the data from the PPT machine. Shared memory is designed to talk to Vizard running on the same machine.

Is your application that reads the PPT data a Vizard application, or is it something else? This is definitely something we can work out for you, please email me directly and we can discuss what you are trying to do and the best way to solve the problem.

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