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Should my PPT Machine have a Vizard license? (Urgent)

I'm trying to finish up a project involving our PPT system at Michigan Technological University, purchased through Robert Pastel. It seems that the system has a trial version of Vizard on it, and as far as I know I can't easily access the camera data without using vizard (as a matter of fact I have a python script sent up to packetize it and stream it, but it relies on the viz import and therefore I can't use command line python).

It looks like the trial just expired, and that puts me in a bit of a bind concerning completion of this project. I am led to believe that if Vizard is required for accessing the camera data, that a license would be standard on the machine. Is there any way we could resolve this? If not, do you have any solutions I could pursue for a limited time deployment? We do all our Vizard rendering on a different machine, but without the tracking data it's not very useful.
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