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Edge Blending in Vizard

I would like to know if there is already some built in way of doing edge blending in Vizard?

I searched the forum but did not find any results on it.
The scenario I was looking at is simple. I would like to (in the future) offer a panoramic projection screen made up of 3 projectors and 3 pcs.
This would just have a single flat plane as geometry with a movie file mapped as texture.

This would play back thru vizard on 3 vizard client PCs. So they would need to be edge blended.

Alternatively how would a live video signal spread across 3 client PCs through Vizard work? is there a simple solution for this?

(I realize that using a high end Nvidia Quadro card such as FX3500 would let you do hardware blended 2 projector setup, but I dont think this would be as high res as clients running Vizard a la cave setup

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