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Gps input for viewpoint location?

I guess this would be for outdoor augmented reality applications...
But would there be support in Vizard soon for usb / Bluetooth "mouse" type GPS devices?

This would be great to actually feed Gps co ordinates into a user location, so that objects could be rendered in proper scale in the virtual world if thier real world dimensions were known and input into the Vizard world.

Thus in an outdoor augmented reality scenario, you could scale in realtime a Virtual object, if the Geo location of it were known.

I.e. as you "approached" the virtual object, (while wearing an HMD and carrying a portable computer with usb GPS unit) the object would scale up in size, and scale down as you walked away from it. This would happen of course because your location is being fed by live GPS co-ordinates in realtime.

I guess im not the first to think of this, but it would be great to have GPS plugin to plot user location in the Vizard world.

GPS mouse thingy :
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