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Here's my movetime list:

movetime = [1/20.0, 1/4.0, 1/2.0, 1, 2]

and the code:
MoveRoom = vizact.sequence(vizact.move(0,0,((3/25.0)/time),time), vizact.move(0,0,((-3/25.0)/time),time), int(30/time))

or I could convert those fractions to floating points so it looks like:
movetime = [.05, .25, .5, 1, 2]
MoveRoom = vizact.sequence(vizact.move(0,0,(0.12/time),time), vizact.move(0,0,(0.12/time),time), int(30/time))

Either way it should work. But I have a timer set up to tell me every 60 seconds that 60 seconds had elapsed. And another timer to indicate when a movement transition has occured (i.e. when it shifts between interations--.05-->.25-->.5-->etc.)
Those should line up identically but they weren't for some reason.
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