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The problem with this is that it makes the transitions very very very quickly if I put decimals in the list "movetime."

movetime = [.05, .25, .75, 1, 2]
sequences = []
for time in movetime:
MoveRoom = vizact.sequence(vizact.move(0,0,(0.12/time),time), vizact.move(0,0,(-0.12/time),time), (30/time))
sequences.append( WriteFlag ) )
MovingRoom = vizact.sequence(sequences, 1)

If I make the code:
MoveRoom = vizact.sequence(vizact.move(0,0,(0.5/time),time), vizact.move(0,0,(-0.5/time),time), (30/time))

and I make movetime [1, 2, 3, 4, etc] then it'll move .5 m/s for 1 second and then .25 m/s for 2 seconds...etc....all of the movements will result in moving .5 meters for a total of 1 minute. But when I have the above (if I want it to move .12 meters in .05 seconds or .25 seconds, etc.) it moves really fast for a second and then moves on to the next number in the list. It doesn't perform what I want it to and it doesn't do it for 1 minute either. Is there some problem with decimals? Am I making a wrong conversion? I tried changing the end (instead of 30/time to 600/time but that didn't change anything--if anything it made it transition faster. Am I missing something?
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