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Hi Luc,

There seems nothing to be obviously wrong with your script that should make the system crash, other than the indentation after the timer, which was probably stripped out by copy/paste

PHP Code:
def ontimer(num): 
data ppt.get() 
#this one will make the model slowly transform 
    #this one makes the model quickly scale 
pos ppt3.get() 
Other than that, the ball you are referring to in line 16 was not defined previously, so you will need to uncomment

ball = viz.add('white_ball.wrl')

in line 7.

When running your script here with a PPT connected sending the position data of 3 points, the script runs fine and stable.
Is it possible that there are problems with Vizard due to your graphics card / computer configuration? Please make sure you use the latest graphics card drivers, update if necessary.
Also check if there are other USB devices connected to the computer that could cause problems.
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