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Question run desktop app within game

We are conducting a study in which participants play a game in Oculus Rift while set up for motion capture (using Vicon Tracker and Motion Monitor). We are attempting to open a desktop application (or a web browser) while our game script is running. The participants complete a round of gameplay and then are presented with a survey. We currently have to ask them to remove the headset (which means that the marker cluster for the head moves from its original position) so that they can complete the survey on a tablet, but we would like to be able to bring up the survey on their display so that they don't have to remove the headset. They can then use a mouse to make their selections and then transition back into the next round of gameplay without moving the headset. There is an online version of the survey as well as a desktop version, so we can either open a web browser within the game or open the app within the game, but we have not been able to find the functions to do so. Ideas?
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