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I have a few remarks to add to farshizzo's instructions. But first, be aware that Vizard's avatar functionality is being greatly improved in Release 2 (August this year), providing tight integration with 3DStudioMax's CharacterStudio. This will allow you to fully modify both the body and the face and create your own custom animations in a straightforward manner using the CharacterStudio tools. Release 1 avatars will continue to be supported, however.

Troubleshooting 3DMeNow head replacement:

If expressions are not working with your new head, then likely you did not have the delta_default.txt file in the same directory as your VRML head when you ran the script.

If expressions are too big or too small, then you should run the script on your text file produced by the script. This should compensate for the fact that 3DMeNow's VRML models' sizes are scaled by the pixel size of the input photographs.

If your head's texture maps are not appearing on your avatar, you should check the texture path in the face_X.txt file and correct it.
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