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Does Vizard 4 support PROPixx projector

Hi guys,

Our lab is planning to purchase a PROPixx projector ( The projector takes a single dual-link DVI input. We want to use it with Vizard 4 and generate 3D stimuli for our experiment. Here are two possible ways that they claimed on how to generate left/right-eye images:

1. You could drive your graphics board at 1920x1080 @ 120Hz, and project 60Hz per eye.
2. You could also project the incoming red component as a grayscale image to 1 eye, and the green component as a grayscale image to the other eye, resulting in 120Hz per eye.

We intend to use the first way they suggested. But we don't know how to alternatively (by frame) feed the left/right-eye images to the single Dual link DVI input with Vizard. Has anyone used the PROPixx projector with Vizard 4 and know how to generate left/right-eye images in alternative frames.

Thanks in advance.
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