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Is the model scaled properly? Sometimes it can seem the viewpoint is stuck but the model needs to be scaled down in size. You can check the model dimensions by loading it in Inspector.
The scale can't possibly be the problem. Both Versions of the Model have the same scale, which is just right for the Eyeheight and so on. There is no rescaling involved like you can see in the code above. We are talking about a huge hospital building model incorporating the outside area of the parking lot (where the avatar starts), etc.

Also the Viewport seems only partially stuck. Rotationof viz.HEAD results in the correct rotated output on the screen whilst moving or turning viz.BODY does not produce a visible difference in the output on the screen. Like I mentioned above, the MainView.getPosition() function reports a moved ViewPoint though.

Do you have the same problem if collision is disabled?
Yes, while I can still walk through the first version of the model without colliding, loading the second one produces the same strange behavior.

How does the model move along?
Wish I knew that.. Like the code above shows I do not modify the model position at all.

The movement of the model is nothing I can perceive visually but something I inferred from the movement of the MainView and the missing visual feedback from that movement.
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