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3ds Exported .IVE Model mirrors movement of Mainview

Hey all,
I am working on importing some large scale Building model into the Vizard environment.

While using our production code and some recent versions of said model a strange error emerged:

The Mainview is magically linked to the model. This has the effect, that none of the movements of the Mainview are visible on the screen, because the model just moves along. I am aware of the link() function and assure we didn't use it. It was pretty hard to find this problem in the first place, because it just seems as if the movement was stuck, but printing the Mainview position during execution reveals that movement actually takes place.

As to ensure that it is not the complex engine code we wrote that is responsible for this problem I distilled the model loading code into this 7 Liner:

import viz

model = viz.add("hospital.reduced.ive")

viz.MainView.setPosition([0, 0, 0])
viz.MainView.lookat([0, 0, 1])


With this code, I can load an old version of the same model and walk around the place without problems. Loading a newer export of the model however produces the error mentioned above.

We work with 3ds MAX and export the models according to the Vizard Knowledge Base to the .IVE Format, using the Vizard supplied OSG Exporter.

We are using Vizard 4.0 to load the Model.

I hope someone could point me in the right direction because I am literally out of ideas on this one.

Thanks in advance,

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