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Collision recording and external data saves

I have two semi-related questions. I know I can get vizard to output when an object collides with my participant, and it can output what collided, and I'm pretty sure I can get it to say the location of the collision, but I'm also trying to find a way to get it to output the orientation of the participant and get that all saved into another file (probably just a txt).
The other question I have is if it's possible to get vizard to automatically generate a txt or whatever file to save the data in and be able to change what the saved file is on it's own. For example, I run the program once to completion, then vizard saves the data in participant1.txt later that day, I run the program again, and vizard saves the data as participant2.txt
Is that possible to do, or will I just have to go in and manually rename the files after running the study?
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