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Loading and reparenting

Hi farshizzo !

You are doing exactly the same thing as I do. Thatīs quite funny. Your code works, mine not. Perhaps this might be related to the amount of objects I am loading ? Sometimes I load more than 1000 objects. I experienced other problems with Vizard 2.17, like objects disapearing or objects being at the wrong position and so on. Those things (mostly) happened when I loaded more than a specific number of objects.

I do this because of the alignment of the object to the coordinate system. When the object is initally loaded, the object points upwards instead of forward (because y and z are exchanged in the local coordinate system). After the reparenting, the object is aligned correctly. Also I donīt know why. Is the child aligned to the coordinate system of the parent when you use the parent()-function ? If so, why isnīt this done when loading the file ? Iīm curious about this.

Another thing I just realized:
Currently the bottleneck of my application is the number of textures. When drawing with textures, the frame rate drops to 2 or 3 when all objects are visible. Without textures the framerate is 28 to 35. I guess the program is swapping textures in and out of the graphics card memory. Is there some way to work around this besides lowering the resolution or reducing the number of textures ?

Hm, that concludes my questions for today

Have a nice day, and thank you again,
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