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Smile Regarding the Vizconnect Avatar male_2 and MainView

Hi Jeff,
Coming back after too many days on World Viz.
I am preparing a demo in which the vizconnects avatar (male_2) should be seen in 3rd Person Perspective as same as 3rd person percective u executed in you below post.

I tried your code from the POST and the same i have to implement using Vizconnect but failed to do and the viewpoint and avatar male_2 rotates randomly:-

Also tried with vizconnect:-
My Code With Vizconnect:-

avatar = vizconnect.getAvatar('male_2').getRaw()

link =,avatar)


linkk =,viz.MainView)

How to achive the logic you mentioned in the POST:

Using Vizconnect.

Waiting for ur reply.
Thank You!!
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