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Originally Posted by farshizzo View Post
The vrpn objects have a getSampleNumber() and getSampleTime() method for retrieving the number/time of the last received sample. You could setup a timer to check these values and trigger an event if they haven't changed for over 10 seconds.
I've considered this route, but since they don't trigger until the kinect detects another user, it's not really the solution I am going for. In this scenario, the kinect can be plugged in and communicating with FAAST, but there is no user in front of it. The result is a false positive since the two functions mentioned will return 0 and 0.0 even when there is a kinect plugged in and recognized by the system.

Is there a way to catch what vizard is printing to the console? If I had the ability to do that, then I could watch for VRPN Errors, that are being printed out.
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