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headless avatars

Hi Vizard Wizards,

I am trying to create a custom head for an avatar, but my avatar keep coming up headless. I have read this thread to try to ensure that I'm following the correct steps. Here are some details:
*I am using Vizard v. 2.16beta
*I am using 3DMeNow Pro (v. 1.0.45) to generate the texture file (Bio_UV_Head) and .wrl files.
*I am running the script on the .wrl file to create a face_3.txt file. (The delta_default.txt file is in the same directory as
*I am putting the face_3.txt and Bio_UV_Head files in the Vizard20\avatar directory.
*I am using the .changeHeadType() command and replaceHead(3) command on my avatar.
*I tried also running the script, but that did not help.

Some other observations:

*The texture file 3DMeNow generates is pretty big compared to the default probio textures that come with Vizard (i.e., 190k vs. probio size of around 90k).
*The face_3.txt file is pretty small compared to the face_1 and face_2 files that come with Vizard (i.e., face_3=83k vs. face_1=172k, face_2=118k)
*When I export the 3DMeNow head as a .wrl file, there are some options. I've been using the defaults:
Geometry: Produce single mesh; Subdivision Iterations = 0
Texture: Texture size = 512 x 512
Morph Targets: None
*In addition to the Bio_UV_Head texture, 3DMeNow generates an Ett_Texture (which includes, eyes, teeth, and tongue). I have tried putting this in the Vizard20\avatar directory and leaving it out. Either way, the avatar is headless.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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