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Importing constraints

Hi there,

I have rigged an robot in blender with armatures, bones and constraints.
I exported the result into fbx format (afaik it should include constraints) and converted the fbx file to osgb using this code:

target = viz.add('robot_constraints.fbx')'robot_constraints.osgb')
two questions:
a) does the information about constraints persist the conversion?

b) how do I address those bones?
I tried this:

robot = viz.add("robot_constraints.osgb")
Which does not work because robot does not have the attribute getBones()
"AttributeError: 'VizChild' object has no attribute 'getBone'"

Using getChild("bone1") does not help me either or at least I am unsure what to do with it.

Could you give me some hints how to get to the bones itself?
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