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As a summary I have one CAVE and one launcher file that works properly. I tried to copy some configuration codes from the launcher file as follows;
I tried to do the same but it gave an error like there is no config file and the problem is that original code depend on that launcher. Since my coding experience is too limited how can I do this in a simple way ?

import Config
if Config.MULTISAMPLE != 0:
if os.path.exists( trackerPath ):
fileList = os.listdir( trackerPath )
vizconnectLauncher = None
for file in fileList:
if 'vizconnect_config' in file.lower() and '.pyc' not in file.lower():
if 'desktop' in file.lower():
userTrackers.insert(0, file.split('_')[-1].replace('.py', '' ))
userTrackers.append( file.split('_')[-1].replace('.py', '' ) )

elif '' == file:
vizconnectLauncher = file

if vizconnectLauncher is not None:
userTrackers.append( vizconnectLauncher )
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