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Problem with vizconnect

Hi Jeff,
I have a problem with and i wanted to upload my vizconnect files but there is a problem with the file's size and type, attached is a google drive shared link with the files
I have an environment in which participants are using xbox one controller for navigation (left joystick for turning left and right, right joystick for walking forward, backward, left and right) with Oculus Rift DK2 (named new).
I want them to get to a target location and when they do so, i want that they were only able to turn around with the left joystick but won't be able to walk with the right joystick. Using vizconnect.getTransport('main transport').setEmabled(viz.OFF) or something similar causes for not moving or turning with the xbox at all but only allow for movement according the googles (Oculus Rift). How can i overcome this issue?
I used your Oculus Rift with mouse and keyboard preset in the vizconnect and changed the file inside in order for having synchornized movements of orientation from the googles according to the position, so i have to use this preset (in another vizconnect file named old, , the vizconnect.getTransport('walking').setEmabled(viz. OFF) solved the problem i described).

I tried to add another transport and mimic what i did with the first file but failed to achive the same thing.

Thanks in advance.
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