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worldviz native support of 3d caharacter modeling

Thank you for allowing me to put up my wish list.

Basically. I wish that worldviz can suppport more than one character modeling system.

I would not recommend any system. But other the high end systems like 3ds, how about some other cheaper and more easy to use systems? I understand that this will consume more resources from your side. But, as a customer, we always wish to have the freedom of choices.

Also, the use of the direct output would be better to us. For example, why not adopt 3ds for character animation? (May be already supported, but I have the impression that worldviz uses only cal3d files). Every time we are asked to geneate an export, if there is an error, we would never know where the error comes from. This adds complexity to our use of WorldViz.

I must say the WorldViz team has done an excellent jobs of making VR possible by just a few lines of codes. I like it so much that I am going to use to create course contents for e-learning.

I will be many times happier if I can use Worldviz as a stand alone product for every thing I want to do for VR.

If this is not possible, may I suggest that you give us some more documents/guides on the CAL3D files to help us? The interfacing between 2 systems is always the weakest in any combined system. When there is problem, no body will like to solve to problem. System A will ask system B to solve and vice versa.

Sorry, I can be asking too much!


Lua KT
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