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Include LiveStream into vizard

Hi there,

I'm having some time with a similar problem, but maybe something has changed since 2012.

I'm trying to stream a (webcam-)video via VLC into vizard and it just doesn't work. I guess livestreaming isn't supported, but maybe I'm just not looking at the right things.

So here's my code:

#Adding a quad for video-projection
quad = viz.addTexQuad()
quad.setPosition([0., 2, 3])

#loading live-stream and applying video to quad
vid = viz.addVideo('', loop=1, play=1)

The localhost is just used so I can get to the next point (having the webcam on a different pc) later, so therefore I cannot just load the webcam.

If there, of course, is a simple way to load a webcam which is connected to a different pc directly into vizard it would be sufficient too.

Thanks in advance.
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