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Unhappy Problem with tracker after reboot

I have installed Vizard with 3 computers in windows XP for the first two Dell notebooks and a Desktop with Win2000 Professional. Before reboot my tracking device Intersense Intertrax2 works perfectly in the Gallery Demo. But after rebooting the first WinXP gallery doesn't track anymore, that's why I proceed with the second Dell WinXp, which worked, then it didn't work after rebooting.

Proceeding to Win2000 it worked for a couple of days without reboot, I rebooted today and it doesn't track anymore! The intersense server and ISDemo provided by intertrax2 showed that the device is operational and showed the Yaw/Pitch/Row working alright, but Vizard just doesn't track!

The errors are:
** ERROR: Failed to connect to intersense
FFB device create failed

Anyone has any ideas?

Thanks much!
United Kingdom
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