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Extracting high precision depth map from scene


I'm new to using Vizard, and attempting to extract high-precision depth data from a scene.

At the moment, to do this, I am using:

depth = viz.addRenderTexture(format=viz.TEX_DEPTH_32)
float_buff = depth.saveToBuffer('<raw>', dataType=viz.GL_FLOAT)
size = depth.getSize()
w = size[0]
h = size[1]
d_float = np.fromstring(float_buff, np.float32, w*h)'depth.npy', d_float.reshape((w, h)))

This allows me to save the values of the depth render texture to a numpy array... but I have a few questions:
  • What units is this depth texture in? For the piazza scene, all/most values seem to be around 0.9. Is there a way of converting this to meters?
  • The dimension of the resulting texture is always 512x512. How is this controlled?
  • Is this the correct way to extract the depth? Is there a way of using to store an uncompressed numpy array (rather than png/jpg etc?)

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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