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Monitor Modes & Vizard (problems...)


So I'm trying to both get the most out of the awesome display setup I have (two 30" dell flat panels) and not break vizard. So far they've been mutually exclusive.

Our system was set up with the monitor setup as:

One monitor output (the left monitor output) going out at 2048 x 768 (two 1024x768 monitors concatenated).

This was split into two 1024 x 768 displays, apparently by the HMD, and one of those went to left monitor.

Right now, I have my left monitor set up as 1650 x 1050, which is it's native resolution. It looks beautiful. Unfortunately, Vizard does not come close to working. Through the HMD, I see nothing.

One problem: 1650 x 1050 is, obviously, not a common resolution. So I just used NVidia's control panel to set it as a custom resolution. The default (double-wide) resolution did not use NVidia to do anything at all, I think.

So... my question is...
  1. Can I fix this and go back to what I had before?
  2. Can I somehow have a nice dual-monitor (1650 x 1050 x 2) mode, and also switch back to the double-wide mode before running viz?
  3. How should this be set up, anyway? For whatever reason, both monitor outputs are going to the HMD even though the left one is the double-wide one? Is Vizard switching resolutions when it runs a simulation? Does the right output contribute anything at all?
  4. Another quandry is that my dual-monitor options seem to have disappeared. This might be because it isn't directly connected to the second monitor.

Thanks for any help! I hate screwing this stuff up, but it's irritating to be wasting about 1/2 of my screen space all the time.
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