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problem with female animations


I am using the Vizard-provided .max animations to create animations. I would like to import them both for male and female avatars. I edit the male bones before i export the animation and use corresponding male and female skeletons to make the .CAF files. I am getting a problem with the female animation. There seems to be a problem with the underyling anatomy of the female skeleton because as the animation starts her body elongates about 4 inches (which makes her looking like she is jumping up) at the beginning of each looping skeleton. There is no problem with the male animation.

I did notice that there are slight differences in the bone structure of the female and male avatars. Does this mean that I would have to build male and female animations separately or is there a more efficient fix to my current problem?

ps. thanks for the reply to the initial skeleton problem. I used the plugin as you had suggested and it worked fine.
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