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The vertices of a morph target work as a target position for each vertex of the base mesh. Morphing is always done relative to the current position of the vertex. This 1 to 1 repositioning is based off the vertex’s internal ID number, so, both the original mesh and the morph target must have the same number of vertices and the exact same vertex order. In other words, morph targets should be made from a clone of the original mesh. Making cuts, detaching faces or merging any objects will render the object invalid as a morph target because these affect the vertex order and vertex count.

Once you have your morph targets made, add a Morpher modifier underneath the Skin modifier on your original mesh. While this is not necessarily required for making morphs, it allows you to place them off on the side and test them from within Max. If it works correctly in the Morpher modifier, it should also work correctly in a Cal3D avatar. Does it work in the Morpher modifier for you?
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