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vizinfo, vizdlg related questions

Dear all,

it seems that Vizard has quite a few ways to display text. Simple text boxes, vizinfo panels, dialog panels, grid panel, etc....

I have been using my own vizdlg.Dialog class so far, but there are some limitations and issues and I would like to start from scratch to find the best possible and most flexible way to display information.

First of all: what is really the difference between using a vizinfo panel or a vizdlg panel? To me they seem to be both doing almost the same job with little differences. What do you suggest I use to display text and images in a flexible manner? I don't need to input information via the panels. Just information display.

Second: I have not found a way to neatly wrap text. I would like the panel to be the same width, regardless of the length of the text and the text to wrapped in that panel. I have found that vizdlg panels may have minimal sizes, but if the text gets bigger the panel resizes accordingly. We have sometimes a lot of information for our test subjects and right now we need to break up the text strings manually, very tedious as you can imagine.

Thank your for any help and input!
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